Miniature Ball Bearing
Professional manufacturer in size from 1mm to 20mm
Runstar Bearings Maufacturing Co.,Ltd
More than 20 years of experience in the precision bearing industry!
Professional manufacturer in size OD from 1mm to 20mm
Applicated in the fields of precision equipment,home appliance,power tool,medical machinery,fishing reel,motor and R/C hobby etc.
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 We believe that bigger is not always better. By keeping our product range specialised and clearly defined, we know our products well allowing us to give you a better service with excellent technical back-up. SXM Bearings originally specialised in miniature bearings, thin-section bearings and stainless steel bearings. By natural progression, we expanded the range to include other corrosion resistant bearings such as plastic bearings, 316 stainless bearings and ceramic bearings. Our determination to remain specialised gives us a high level of prod...
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  • ZrO2 Ceramic Bearings

    ZrO2 ceramic bearings for shaft sizes from 3mm up to 50mmSXM ceramic bearing in ZrO2 The full ceramic ball bearings listed below are supplied with rings and balls made from zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). These zirconia bearings are available as f...