Zirconia Ceramic Bearings - Inch

2019-04-14 22:12
Zirconia ceramic bearings for shaft sizes from 0.125” up to 1.0”Imperial ceramic bearing in Zirconia

Our imperial ZrO2 full ceramic ball bearings are manufactured from zirconium dioxide. These ZrO2 bearings are available as full complement or with a PEEK, PTFE or 316 stainless steel retainer. Zirconia bearings are non magnetic, non-conductive and are not affected by most chemicals although prolonged contact with hot water or steam can weaken the material. They can also withstand extreme temperatures depending on cage material. The full complement versions of these bearings can be used up to 400°C while those with a PEEK cage should be limited to 250°C. See Bearing Material in our technical section for more information or contact us.

The imperial ZrO2 ceramic ball bearings listed below are available open or with PEEK or PTFE seals. Some sizes are also available flanged. These ceramic bearings are generally used in specialist applications.

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Zirconia Ceramic Bearings - Inch

Zirconia ceramic bearings for shaft sizes from 0.125 up to 1.0Imperial ceramic bearing in Zirconia Ou...

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