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1.Attention for using
Update time : 2012-9-18 21:10:33

Deep groove ball bearing is a part with high precision which should be used rightly and carefully. No matter how high-quality the bearing is, it can not be brought into full play by improper use. The followings are for attention before the use of bearings.
(1)to keep the bearing and its surrounding area clean.
  It is harmful to the bearing even with tiny dust which can not be seen by human eyes. Therefore it should always keep the surrounding clean in order to avoid the damage and noise caused by dust corrosion.
(2) To use of the bearing cautiously Strong impact to the bearings and heavy knock with hammer is impermissible when installing, it will even crack or break the bearings.

(3) To use the appropriate operating tool

(4) To be careful to the rust corrosion of the bearings
  The sweat in the hands will cause rust in operating the bearings. So it is impermissible to touch the bearings directly before you cleanly wash and dry your hands. Anti-rust oil and glove is also necessary. The work of anti-rust should be paid high attention especially in rainy season and summer.

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